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Basic Balanced Position

Whether you are riding a horse for the very first time or are polishing up your equestrian skills to excel in pleasure riding or the show ring, Silver Dollar Stables’ experienced riding instructors will give you the personalized training and coaching you need to accomplish your goals.

Group and private lessons are available Tuesdays through Saturdays for both children and adults.

Our Philosophy - Basic Balanced Position

A balanced position means the rider is balanced on the horse and in balance with the horse’s movement. This position allows more effective application of the aids, gives better control of gaits, and is more comfortable for both horse and rider. By being in balance, the rider does not use muscle power to maintain his position, but relies on the same balance used in standing and walking. This allows the body to relax and be able to move with the horse’s motion. A balanced rider permits the horse to move more freely and naturally, not impeded by a lack of rider stability and able to maintain its own balance and respond to its rider’s aids.

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