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Fun in Motion LLC

Fun in Motion Occupational Therapy Services
Our Goal ….

At Fun in Motion, our goal is to help children develop independence and learn safe ways to participate physically and socially in their homes, communities and classrooms. We offer a variety of programs to help your child overcome  both physical, emotional,  and social challenges.

At Fun in Motion we respond to the needs of our community by providing our patients and their families with innovative, effective Occupational Therapy services that result in superior customer satisfaction and individual functional gains.

Our unique clinical work space in a park like setting offers many opportunities for program participants to interact with community peers in a natural, least restrictive environment.
Staff at Fun in Motion have programming expertise in

  • Early Intervention
  • Autism
  • Sensory Processing & Integration Dysfunction
  • Neurological impairments
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Motor in-coordination issues

Individual and small group occupational therapy sessions are tailored for your child’s needs and skills. Drawing on extensive training and experience, our therapists and staff formulate activities which are therapeutic and carefully chosen to develop specific skills and greater capabilities in your child. Activities are chosen to provide just the right amount of fun and challenge to engage your child’s interest and keep him motivated through success. 

We offer our therapy in a playful and non-threatening atmosphere so that your child feels comfortable and enjoys his therapy — another key to success. As your child progresses, we will also encourage him to  practice his developing skills in your community by participating in group activities such as games and sports, and support him in other important social and physical interactions with the world around him.

Learning-Caring-Leadership (LCL) is an occupational therapy program designed to improve  social skills development in small group settings. Social skills enable a person to interact and communicate with others in a meaningful way. They are learned behaviors that are specific to each situation and but also vary in different social contexts. For a person with autism, this is a challenging realm to navigate.

Our LCL programs are run by an occupational therapist, and are designed to help your child develop and apply appropriate skills for social problem-solving and interaction with peers. We provide our program participants fun and safe opportunities to observe social skills and then practice those skills in an environment of adventure and unconditional acceptance. All activities take place in a structured setting; as your child develops skill and confidence, we teach him how to utilize these skills in his community.

Equine assisted occupational therapy is offered  by a specially trained and credentialed therapist incorporating the horse's movement (hippotherapy) as a tool in your child’s rehabilitation plan of care  In equine assisted therapy, our licensed occupational therapist combines the effects of the equine experience with other standard intervention strategies to improve your child’s fine motor control, core strength, sensory integration, attention skills, sequencing skills, and functional daily living skills in a progressively challenging manner.

Early intervention directed play  occupational therapy is a therapeutic intervention primarily for children birth to 3 years of age.  Directed play therapy utilizes play-based intervention  to achieve specific goals while facilitating overall development.  Play activities are generally child driven and therapist supported. Play based therapy is provided in the child's most natural environment such as home or daycare. This type of intervention focuses on several areas of skill development during child directed play activities. Areas of focus include  gross and fine motor development, eye hand coordination, sensory integration and feeding skills.

Contact Fun in Motion:


Occupational Therapy Services
   16 Wilson Way North
   Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
   Phone, Fax: 609 731-9805

The founder of Fun In Motion, LLC, Robby Devery, has been in practice for almost 25 years. She is a NARHA registered therapist and NARHA registered therapeutic horseback riding instructor.  Mrs. Devery is AHA level II trained, has published several professional articles on hippotherapy and occupational therapy and has presented at state and regional professional conferences.

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